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Nature reserves

Nature reserves
Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) are declared under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 and have to be designated by local authorities in consultation with Natural England. All Walsall’s LNRs are on land owned or managed by the council where people can enjoy wildlife. LNRs are only declared on sites which have notable wildlife and therefore most sites are also SSSIs, SINCs or SLINCs. LNR designation gives a site some protection from development and the council is committed to managing it LNRs positively for wildlife and people.
There are 11 Local Nature Reserves within the boundaries of the borough of Walsall:
Barr Beacon and Pinfold Lane Quarry, Aldridge
Cuckoo’s Nook and the Dingle, Aldridge
Mill Lane, Walsall
Merrions Wood, Walsall
Moorcroft Wood, Darlaston
In September 2008 the council achieved a national standard for the provision of LNRs in the borough when Barr Beacon and Pinfold Lane Quarry Local Nature Reserve was declared. There is now 1 hectare of LNR land for every 1000 people in Walsall borough. The council is the first council in the sub-region to achieve this standard.
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