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Black Country street racing injunction


An interim injunction banning street racing (also known as car cruising) is in force in the Black Country.

The Black Country area includes all of the boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton. 

You can download full details of the interim injunction in the supporting documents section.

What the interim injunction means

It forbids anyone who is a driver, rider or passenger in or on a motor vehicle to participate between the hours of 3pm and 7am in a gathering of two or more persons within the Black Country area at which some of those present engage in motor racing or motor stunts or other dangerous or obstructive driving.

At these gatherings, some people engage in motor racing or motor stunts or other dangerous or obstructive driving. For the purposes of the injunction, stunts are defined as driving manoeuvres including, but not limited to:

  • burnouts - causing a vehicle to destroy its tyres by applying power to the drive wheels while braking so as to remain in place while the wheels revolve at speed
  • donuts/donutting - causing a vehicle to rotate around a fixed point (normally the front axle) while not moving-off causing noise, smoke and tyre marks to be created
  • drifting - turning by placing the vehicle in a skid so that most sideways motion is due to the skid not any significant steering input
  • undertaking - passing a vehicle on its nearside so as to overtake in circumstances not permitted by the Highway Code.

Details of the injunction

The injunction has a power of arrest attached to it. This gives the police the power to arrest anyone who breaches it. Breach of an injunction is a contempt to court and, if proved, the court has the power to impose:

  • a sentence of imprisonment
  • a fine
  • an order seizing a person’s assets

Next date for street racing injunction hearing

A new date has been set for the next hearing to consider the interim injunction banning ‘street racing’, also known as ‘car cruising’, in the Black Country. It will now take place at 10.30am on Wednesday 4 October, 2023, at Birmingham District Registry, Civil Justice Centre, The Priory Courts, 33 Bull Street, Birmingham B4 6DS, before Her Honour Judge Kelly.

Supporting documents and evidence

You can download the documents below from the City of Wolverhampton Council's website.

  1. Power of arrest (PDF 186KB)
  2. Sealed orders (PDF 1,312KB)
  3. Orders of the High Court of Justice (14 Dec 2022) (PDF 159KB)
  4. Supplementary evidence bundle (PDF 1.37MB)
  5. WN injunction application - urgent interim relief application (PDF 3.9MB)
  6. Main application bundle (PDF 29.5MB)
  7. Notice of High Court hearing (6 Feb 2023) (PDF 172KB)
  8. Bundle for 6 Feb car cruising hearing - part 1 (PDF 55.1MB)
  9. Bundle for 6 Feb car cruising hearing - part 2 (PDF 39.5MB)
  10. Bundle for 6 Feb car cruising hearing - part 3 (PDF 16.7MB)
  11. 6th statement of Paul Brown (3 Feb 2023) (PDF 212KB)
  12. Statement of Adam Sheen (3 Feb 2023) (PDF 410KB)
  13. Statement of Adam Sheen (3 Feb 2023 ) - accessible version (PDF 369KB)
  14. Hearing notice for 15 May 2023 at 10.30am (PDF 169KB)
  15. Order (16 Feb 2023) (PDF 227KB)
  16. Transcript of proceedings (6 Feb 2023) KB-2022-BHM-000221 (PDF 431KB)
  17. Birmingham City Council v Nagmadin Ors - Wolverhampton City Council v persons unknown (13 Feb 2023) (PDF 357KB)
  18. Bundle for review hearing (15 May 2023) (PDF 26MB)
  19. Hearing notice - hearing 15 May 2023 at 10:30am (PDF 177KB)
  20. 10th witness statement of Paul Brown (PDF 232KB)
  21. Exhibit PB10A (PDF 5MB)
  22. Hearing note for 15 May 2023 (PDF 141KB)
  23. Exhibit PB11A (17/05/2023)
  24. 11th Witness Statement of Paul Brown (17/05/2023)
  25. Amended power of arrest (amended 19 May 2023; sealed 23 May 2023) (PDF 166KB))
  26. Amended injunction order (19 May 2023; sealed 23 May 2023) PDF 2.6MB)
  27. Combined directions order (19 May 2023; sealed 23 May 2023) (PDF 175KB)
  28. Clearer copy of Plan A for injunction (WCC & Ors v persons unknown KB-2022-BHM-000188) (23 May 2023) (PDF 6.7MB)
  29. Amended particulars of claim June 2023 (15 June 2023) PDF 152KB)
  30. Part 8 claim form (amended June 2023) 1-2 of 3 (15 June 2023) PDF 728KB)
  31. Part 8 claim form (amended June 2023) 3 of 3 (15 June 2023) (PDF 279KB)
  32. 12th and 13th witness statements of Paul Brown (16 June 2023) (PDF 8.2MB)
  33. Notice of Hearing Case Management Conference 10 November 2023 (21/07/23)
  34. Notice of Hearing 04 October 2023 (09/08/23)

    Report street racing

    Email to report incidents of street racing, or call West Midlands Police on 101. In an emergency always dial 999. 

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