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Experiencing Financial Difficulties

Walsall Council is committed to offering support to you if you are experiencing difficulty with your rent or your mortgage.
You can contact our housing advisors on 01922 653405 - we can then assess your situation and begin the process that will produce the best option for you.
Rent difficulties
If you are struggling to pay your rent, contact your landlord as soon as possible. Landlords do not want to evict you as it will cost them more in the long term.  All landlords should be willing to make realistic payment arrangements taking into account your current financial circumstances.
It is important to respond to all letters or visits from your landlord. Failure to answer to any letters or visits may cause delays and lead to further problems.
Mortgage difficulties
If you can’t meet your mortgage repayments or are worried that you may fall behind with your payments, contact your lender as soon as possible.
Mortgage lenders do not want to repossess your home as it will cost them more in the long term. All lenders should be sympathetic if you are in financial difficulty. Your mortgage lender may be willing to consider the following options:
Temporary payment holiday
Adding your arrears to the outstanding mortgage
Extending the length of your mortgage, reducing your monthly payments
Negotiating a reduced monthly payment
Converting your mortgage to an interest only mortgage, reducing your monthly payments
If you do not feel confident speaking to your mortgage lender, then a CAB advisor will do so on your behalf.
For further advice regarding your mortgage please see the booklet ‘ Are you worried about your mortgage '  which has been produced by the National Homelessness Advice Service.
You can access government advice about mortgage & repossessions on the Directgov website
Help for residents facing repossession
Court desk facility
If you are facing repossession due to rent or mortgage arrears, you can access free advice and representation at court with the court desk facility. The court desk facility is run by Walsall Citizens Advice Bureau on behalf of Walsall Council.
Mortgage Rescue Scheme
If you are facing repossession due to mortgage arrears, the Mortgage Rescue Scheme may be able to help. Mortgage rescue is aimed at helping vulnerable homeowners who are struggling to meet their mortgage repayments.  Please see the Government Mortgage Rescue Scheme leaflet (PDF 384KB) for more information
Homeowners Mortgage Support Scheme
If you are struggling to pay your mortgage because your income has recently reduced, the Homeowners Mortgage Support Scheme may be able to help. This scheme is aimed at helping homeowners who have recently experienced a sharp drop in their income, for example through to redundancy or overtime cuts.
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