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Housing associations in Walsall

All social housing in Walsall is owned and managed by housing associations. You can find out about them, including contact details, in the booklet below:

Download list

Find out if you're eligible for social housing

Each housing association sets their own eligibility criteria. For example, they may give priority for:

  • medical/mobility problems
  • overcrowding
  • lack of basic facilities
  • social factors

How to apply

You may be able to join the housing register of local housing associations. To do this, you'll need to apply to each one direct. You can find all contact details in the access to housing booklet above.

Sometimes housing associations close their waiting lists if there are too many people waiting to be housed. This means they will not accept an application.

You can also register to join the Walsall Council list.

Adapted housing

If you have a disability or impairment and need an adapted social housing property, some housing associations operating in Walsall may have properties that meet your needs.

Move home using Mutual Exchange

If you live in social housing you may be able to move home by exchanging with another tenant. You may have the right to exchange with other tenants in Walsall or even the UK.

You must get permission from your housing association before you move. Ask your social landlord how to do this.