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Finding Accommodation

Seeking Private Rented Accommodation
There are various types of private rented accommodation in Walsall, but if you are looking for somewhere you will generally need enough money for a deposit, one months rent in advance and possibly letting agent fees.  You may also be required to provide references from a previous landlord, your bank, or employer.  In addition, enquiries may need to be made with a credit reference agency.  If you have any concerns regarding a credit check, you should contact the credit reference agency directly.  Some landlords may also want a “guarantor” to ensure that if you do default on rental payments, the guarantor will be responsible for paying any arrears.  You should never put down a holding deposit on a property unless you are sure that you can raise all the monies required by the landlord / agent and you should always get a receipt.
Finding Private Rented Accommodation
The following sources may assist you in your search for accommodation.
Shop windows / notice boards.  Try supermarkets, newsagents, corner shops, libraries and community centres
Local press (The Advertiser, The Observer, The Chronicle)
Letting agents, estate agents or accommodation agencies or try looking in the Yellow Pages, Thomsons or the internet
Personal contacts, such as friends, family or colleagues
Advertising – you could place a “seeking accommodation” advert in a shop, newspaper or notice board at work
Landlord Accreditation Scheme
Before taking up accommodation try to get as much information as possible.
A deposit is a sum of money that your landlord / agent requests at the beginning of the tenancy in order to safeguard you and them against any damage you may cause or any bills left unpaid etc. From 6 April 2007, landlords / agents granting assured shorthold tenancies are required by law to protect your deposit in a government approved scheme. Your landlord / agent must notify you within 14 days of receiving your deposit as to which scheme they are using. If there is a dispute over the amount to be refunded at the end of a tenancy, the sum in dispute will be set aside until the matter is resolved by independent arbitration. The money should be returned to you in full when you leave, unless the arbitration service agree that the landlord has good reason to keep all or part of it. Generally, a deposit will not be returned to you until after you have left the property and the landlord has conducted a thorough inspection of the premises. It may be advisable to take photographs if you have any particular concerns.
This link provides further information on finding a home www.walsall.gov.uk/index/housing/finding_a_home.htm
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