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Apply for a disabled parking bay

You may be able to have a residential advisory disabled parking bay marked on the road outside your home. There's no charge for this, but you'll need to meet our eligibility criteria.


You must:

  • be in receipt of either:
  • have no existing off street parking facility, or the potential to create this
  • own and drive a vehicle, or prove that your carer drives a vehicle that you rely on for transportation

There is higher demand for parking bays than it is possible for us to create. We will prioritise applications from residents who are most in need.


Residential advisory disabled parking bays are not enforceable. This means we can't prosecute someone if they use your bay. They rely on the good will of others to leave them free for you.

Location of the parking bay

Usually, it will be on the road directly in front of your home. There are some exceptions.

We cannot install parking bays:

  • outside flats
  • on narrow roads where there’s not enough room for traffic to flow
  • on a road where it would cause a safety problem
  • where an existing waiting restriction or prohibition is in force

How to apply

You’ll need to email us first. We can then discuss your circumstances in full. If we decide you are eligible, we'll send you an application form and tell you what to do next.