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Get a dropped kerb for your home

A dropped kerb (also called a domestic vehicle crossing or a dropped crossing) allows you to drive a vehicle over a pavement that is between the road and your driveway. You can apply to have a dropped kerb built outside your property. If you drive over a pavement that doesn't have a dropped kerb, you’re breaking the law.

    Before you apply

    You should have a driveway at your property that meets certain standards. You can find guidance on the Planning Portal.

    If the property does not belong to you, you'll need the owner's permission.

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    How to get a dropped kerb

    There are several steps to getting a dropped kerb. You will need to pay for:

    • the assessment
    • a road opening permit
    • the construction works
    1. Arrange your assessment

      You must get permission to drop a kerb. For most properties, you’ll need to:

      • complete and submit an online assessment application
      • pay a non-refundable assessment fee of £144.00

      If your property is on a classified road or in a conservation area, or it’s a house divided into flats, you'll need to get planning permission. You should complete the same application form. We waive the £120.00 assessment fee but you'll have to pay a planning fee instead.

      You'll be asked to phone the admin team to make a payment at the end of the form.

      We'll then contact you within three weeks to tell you if we have approved your application.

      If we reject your application and you have extra information to support it, you can ask us to reconsider.

    2. Get a road opening permit

      If we approve your application, you'll need to decide who you want to do the work.

      Using a Walsall Council contractor

      If you use our contractor, you will need to:

      Using a private contractor

      You may decide to hire someone privately instead. If you do, the application process and permit cost is different.

    3. Accept the contractor's quote

      Our contractor or your private contractor will give you a full quote to let you know how much the works will cost. 

      The final step is to accept this quote and arrange payment with them. If you use our contractor, you can contact the admin team to pay by phone.

      They can then start construction works.

    How much will the construction work cost?

    Our contractor will provide you with a full quote after they have assessed the location. Costs vary, so the charges below are for guidance only:

    Standard crossing 3 dropped kerbs + 2 tapers
    Footway depth 1.5 to 2.0 metres 2.0 to 2.5 metres
    Cost £1,400.00 (approx) £1,650.00 (approx)
    Extend existing crossing by 2 dropped kerbs + 1 taper
    Footway depth 1.5 to 2.0 metres 2.0 to 2.5 metres
    Cost £950.00 (approx) £1,050.00 (approx)

    Extra charges

    We will add further charges to your quote if we need to:

    • undertake traffic management
    • work on Sunday only
    • move utility cabinets
    • adjust street furniture

    Using a private contractor

    There is a different application process if you want to use a private contractor. You'll still need to start by paying for an assessment and getting permission, following the steps above. After that, you can apply using the form below. Your application must include:

    • £475.00 permit fee - you can contact the admin team to pay this by phone
    • a signed licence application form
    • 1/500 plan of proposed works
    • proof of liability insurance (£5M cover minimum)
    • qualification details and copy of NRSWA qualifications
    • form of indemnity
    • completed statement of compliance
    • completed Part N form
    • signed terms and conditions

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