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Unitary Development Plan

The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) is one of the earliest parts of our Local Plan. It was originally adopted in 2005 and many of the policies it contains are still in use today.

There are two parts to the UDP:

  1. Contains broad strategic planning policies
  2. Contains the justification for these policies, together with more detailed policies and proposals about where and when different types of development can or cannot take place

There is also a map that covers the whole of the borough and a set of inset maps for each of the main town centres.

When the Black Country Core Strategy (BCCS) was adopted in 2011, some of the UDP Policies were replaced, while others were 'Saved'.

When we adopted the Site Allocation Document (SAD) and Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP) in 2019, they replaced more of the 'Saved' policies of the UDP. These are listed in Appendix 1 of the SAD.

The latest version of the UDP is called the Annotated 2019 UDP. This version highlights policies that are still in use. It also identifies where a UDP policy has been replaced.

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UDP appendices

Proposals map

The majority of the information from this map was replaced by the Local Plan policies maps from the SAD and AAP in 2019.

The district centre inset maps are still in place, except for the one for Walsall Town Centre which has been replaced by the Walsall Town Centre inset map from the AAP in 2019.

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Inset maps

We also have a glossary of definitions of planning terms.

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Contact us if you need a more accessible version of these documents. We can also talk to you about the content of our maps.

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