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Walsall Council's Policy Framework

The Policy Framework includes plans and strategies that set out the priorities for the council and the services that deliver these.

The Policy Framework in Walsall contains those plans and strategies as required by local government legislation. We will review and update these as necessary.

Part A

Mandatory plans and strategies      
Title Purpose Published date Next review date

Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy

(Safer Walsall Partnership / Community Safety Strategy)

This policy is currently under review. It explains our key priorities in tackling the most challenging issues for community safety. To support communities in developing solutions that help tackle crime, fear of crime and anti-social behaviour. October 2019 under review
Youth Justice Plan (download PDF) To set out the partnership commitment to reducing youth crime, safeguarding children and young people at risk of, or involved in offending, and protecting the public from harm. April 2021 March 2022
Transport for Walsall (download PDF) Transport for Walsall is the local interpretation of Movement for Growth. December 2015 2022
West Midlands Combined Authority: Movement for Growth (download PDF) The long-term transport strategy for the West Midlands metropolitan area. This is a non-statutory plan with a 15-20 year forward vision and is reviewed every five years. December 2015 2022
The Development Plan Our vision for the Borough of Walsall. This includes our policies to promote, enable and guide sustainable development whilst protecting and enhancing the environment. various 2038 (Black Country Plan)


Part B

Additional plans and strategies      
Title Purpose Published date Next review date
Our Council Plan To set out our intentions to reduce inequalities and maximise all potential, with priorities measurable by the 20 markers of success. 2022 2025
Digital Strategy 2022-2025 To provide a blueprint for digital expansion across the borough over the next three years, whilst providing robust governance to existing initiatives. 2022 July 2024
Food Law Enforcement Service Plan (download PDF) To explain how we will enforce statutory controls regarding food safety and monitor food, premises and personnel. It will be used as the basis for inspection or audit by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). February 2020 March 2021
Statement of Licensing Policy (download PDF) To explain how Walsall Council intends to meet its obligations under Section 5 of the Licensing Act 2003 (“the Act”). 2021 tbc
Pay Policy Statement To set out council policy on pay and conditions for senior managers and employees. This will assist us to attract and retain skilled employees, and ensures compliance with legislative requirements under the Localism Act 2011. April 2021 March 2022
Regulation of Investigatory Powers (download PDF) To explain use of the powers contained in the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA 2000) and the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 with regard to surveillance and acquisition of communications data. July 2020 tbc
Council Tax Reduction Scheme To explain how the scheme will operate, and the classes of person entitled to a reduction under the scheme. April 2019 March 2020
Treasury Management and Investment Strategy (download PDF) Required by the Treasury Management Code of Practice (2017). Includes details on the Prudential Code Indicators (PCIs) for the next three years. February 2021 March 2023
Cohesion and Integration Strategy (download PDF) To build on the existing good practice and previous work identified in the Cohesion and Integration Strategy published by Walsall Council in 2017. January 2019 tbc
Health and Wellbeing Strategy (download PDF) To enable all health and wellbeing board partners to be clear about agreed priorities for the next three years and embed within their own organisations, commissioning and delivery plans. Update will be for 2022-25. June 2017 October 2021


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