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Council tax reduction

Council tax reduction (CTR) can reduce the amount of council tax you have to pay if you are on a low income. Find out if you're eligible, and how to apply.

Who can apply

You can apply if you do not receive Universal Credit, and:

  • you’re on a low income or claim benefits
  • the council tax bill is in your name (and/or your partner's name)
  • you own or rent your home
  • you are unemployed or working

If you get Universal Credit, you should indicate that you wish to apply for CTR on your Universal Credit application. You don’t need to apply to Walsall Council separately.

You cannot claim CTR if:

  • the council tax bill is not in your name (and/or your partner's name)
  • you are of working age and have £6,000 or more in savings
  • you are of state pension age and have £16,000 or more in savings, unless you receive guaranteed pension credit

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What you could get

Your council tax bill could be reduced by:

  • up to 100% if you are state pension age
  • up to 100% if you are a care leaver
  • up to a maximum of 75% if you are of working age

We calculate your reduction based on:

  • which council tax band you live in
  • your circumstances (for example, number of children, benefits, residency status)
  • your household income - this includes savings, pensions and your partner’s income
  • if your children live with you
  • if other adults live with you

If you receive War Disablement Pension this is disregarded in full under our local scheme.

Changes to working-age discounts from 1 April 2022

The reduction will be based on income bands and household size, as shown in the table below.

For example, if you’re a couple with one child and a household income of £254.00 per week, you’ll receive a 55% discount from your council tax liability.

Discount for couples (from 1 April 2022)


Weekly income: couple with 2 or more children

Weekly income: couple with one child

Weekly income: couple


£0.00 - £292.52

£0.00 - £223.92

£0.00 - £137.67


£292.53 - £322.52

£223.93 - £253.92

£137.68 - £167.67


£322.53 - £352.52

£253.93 - £283.92

£167.68 - £197.67


£352.53 - £382.52

£283.93 - £313.92

£197.68 - £227.67


£382.53 - £412.52

£313.93 - £343.92

£227.68 - £257.67


£412.53 and above

£343.93 and above

£257.68 and above

Discount for people who are single (from 1 April 2022)


Weekly income: single with 2 or more children

Weekly income: single with one child

Weekly income : single


£0.00 - £249.81

£0.00 - £181.21

£0.00 - £94.96


£249.82 - £279.81

£181.22 - £211.21

£94.97 - £124.96


£279.82 - £309.81

£211.22 - £241.21

£124.97 - £154.96


£309.82 - £339.81

£241.22 - £271.21

£154.97 - £184.96


£339.82 - £369.81

£271.22 - £301.21

£184.97 - £214.96


£369.82 and above

£301.22 and above

£214.97 and above

Child being a dependent child (usually someone for whom you are entitled to receive child benefit for).

Hardship support

If the changes to the CTR scheme mean that you are worse off and are experiencing severe financial hardship, you can apply for hardship support.

Apply for CTR

You can make an application:

  • online
  • by phone - call 0300 555 2855

Send us your evidence

You can upload your supporting evidence at the end of the online application process.

What evidence do I need?

Your benefits or deductions may be delayed if you do not provide the right evidence. If you or your partner have any of the listed items you’ll need to supply them:

  • your last 5 (weekly) or 3 (fortnightly) or 2 (monthly) payslips. If you have just started work, do not wait until you get them to submit your claim. You can supply them as you get them.
  • the last two pension slips from your former employer/your personal pension, or a letter from your pension provider showing the latest rise
  • evidence of all capital and savings
  • bank statements or building society pass books covering the last two months
  • Post Office books, Premium Bonds, Income Bonds, ISAs, TESSAs
  • National Savings certificates, stocks and shares information
  • state benefits or state pension
  • evidence of maintenance
  • evidence of childcare costs
  • evidence of student grant or loan
  • letter detailing how the grant or loan is made up
  • evidence of income for non-dependants

If this is your first claim with Walsall Council, you’ll need to provide:

  • two items of ID (for example, your passport, driver’s license, birth or marriage certificate)
  • evidence of your National Insurance (NI) number (for example, a wage slip, correspondence from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) or your NI card)

If you are applying with a partner, they will also need to provide this evidence.

If you’re making a new claim, you may need to provide:

  • identification
  • evidence of your income

If you’re reporting a change of circumstances, you may need to provide:

  • wage slips
  • bank statements
  • identification

You may have to pay a penalty if you don’t tell us about any changes within 21 days.  For more serious offences, you could be prosecuted for benefit fraud.

How you receive your payments

We will credit your council tax account with any CTR you are entitled to. This will reduce the amount of council tax that you have to pay.