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Vary a designated premises supervisor

Premises licensed to supply alcohol must have a designated premises supervisor (DPS). The DPS must be a personal licence holder. The DPS will normally be the person who is responsible for the day to day running of the premises.

If the DPS changes, the premises licence must be varied to show the new DPS. You need to tell us about the change as soon as possible.

The new DPS must consent to take on the supervisor role.

How to apply

You can apply to vary a DPS if the premises is within our licensing area. 

  1. Download the application form

    You must download both application forms. The consent form must be completed and included in the application to vary the DPS.

    Download list

  2. Fill in the application form

    You can fill in your application forms online. To edit the form you'll need a recent version of Adobe Reader

    Open the form using Adobe Reader instead of your web browser.

    You can edit it in your own time and save it to your device. When you’re ready, you can continue to the online submission (step 3).

    Alternatively, you can print the form and fill it in. Then you’ll need to scan it and save it to your device so you can attach it to your application.​​​​

  3. Send us your documents and make a payment

    To submit the form you need to attach copies of the following:

    • consent form from the proposed DPS
    • your completed application form
    • current premises licence

    Make sure you’ve saved them to your device before you start your application.


    The fee to vary a DPS is £23. You should have your debit or credit card ready as we will take your payment as part of the online application process.

What happens next

The variation will be valid immediately if you have ticked on your form that you want the variation to come into immediate effect. If we don't receive an objection we'll grant the variation. We'll update the premises licence and email/post it out to you.

What happens if the details on my licence are out of date?

We may take action against you if you don't have a licence, or if the details on your licence are wrong.