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Apply for building regulations approval

You must notify us about your building work, either by making a full plans application or by submitting a building notice. If you have carried out work without getting building notice approval you can apply for retrospective approval, called regularisation.

Full plans application

This type of application is usually used for major building works, although you can submit a full plans applications for any building project.

You will need to submit detailed drawings and a construction specification with your application form. A full plans application is required if the proposed works involve commercial premises, or premises subject to a Regulatory Reform Order.

Where a fire safety assessment is required we must liaise with the Fire Service to ensure that the proposal is safe for all occupants. Once we have checked the plans, we will issue a decision notice. 

The fees for the full plans applications are payable in two parts. The first payment for the plan check is required when your plan is submitted.

Once work has started on site and we have carried out our first inspection, we will send you an invoice for the inspection fee. 

Building notice applications

Building notice applications are typically used for small domestic projects where plans have not been drawn or are not necessary.

You will need to provide basic information at the start of the project. We may ask for more details and information as work progresses. This may mean that we may ask for things you had not expected or budgeted for.

Where structural alterations are being made or steel beams are being installed, it is likely that we will require structural calculations to be submitted with the application.

This type of application cannot be used for commercial developments. It should only be used by experienced professionals who know the requirements of the legislation. You can start work immediately but you must tell us at least two working days before work starts. 


This is also known as 'retrospective approval'. This only applies to building works carried out after 1985 and is required where building work has been undertaken without building regulations approval.

You may need to make alterations after we inspect the work. We will need:

  • a plan of the work to a suitable scale, (1:50 or 1:100) identifying the building before and after the work was carried out. 
  • a written specification identifying the construction and materials used. 
  • the date of when the work was carried out. 
  • a plan identifying any extra work proposed to comply with the regulations. 

The fee is due when you submit your application.


Our fees and charges depend on the type of building work being done. Please see the related links to individual pages showing charges for each type of work.

Find out more about:

Additional charges payable to the Planning Portal may apply.

How to apply

You can submit a building control application on the Planning Portal website.

If you're not able to apply online, you can send us an application by email. You can download the guidance notes and application forms you need below:

Download list

Once your application has been checked and accepted, we will contact you to take a payment. 

What happens next?

The approval is valid for three years. If you also need planning permission do not start work until this is approved. You can begin work as soon as two days after you have submitted your application, but if you start before formal approval is given, your work may not be compliant. If you wish to start work you should arrange a site inspection