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Payments to and from the council

These pages provide information to customers who are billed for services from Walsall Council and information for suppliers who provide goods and services to the Council.
Supplier information

Supplier invoicing Walsall Council during the current Covid-19 Outbreak

In order to help the council to continue to pay all of our suppliers as normal during the current Covid-19 outbreak, we are requesting that wherever possible invoices are submitted electronically to


Please ensure your invoices clearly state a valid Walsall Council purchase order number.  If you do not have a purchase order number please email the officer who procured the goods / services. For guidance, naming conventions for WMBC email addresses are generally as follows

Please do not call Oracle Support, general invoice enquiries and requests for statements should be emailed to

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Paying the council - information to customers who have been charged for a service from the Council including:
how to pay your invoice
checking your account balance
invoice queries
failure to pay
payment difficulties
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Suppliers - information for potential and existing suppliers to the council including:
becoming a supplier
updating your details
purchase orders
invoicing tips
payment advice