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Easter 2021 Holiday Activities Programme

Free activities and food for Walsall families

Children who are eligible for free school meals and their families will be able to access free activities and food boxes during the Easter holidays. 

The Department for Education's Holiday Activities and Food Programme has provided funding for the scheme.

We have worked with our partners to develop the programme of activities. They include schools, local voluntary and community organisations and childcare providers.


Our activities include sports, crafts, story writing workshops, and healthy cooking ideas. We hope we can help you enjoy the Easter holiday by providing these activities. 

How to register

To register, you will need:

  • your child’s unique registration code – we will send this to you in the post
  • to complete a registration form for each eligible child

Register your child

If you haven’t had your code, or you have lost it, contact our helpline on 01922 653899 (Monday to Friday, between 10.00am and 4.00pm)

Contact us


Phone: 01922 653899

How do I know if my child is eligible?

The programme is available for:

  • all children who are eligible for free school meals

  • young carers aged 5 to 16 who live in Walsall

If you are not sure if your child can access the programme, please contact our helpline on 01922 653899 (Monday to Friday, between 10.00am and 4.00pm)

What if my child goes to school in Walsall, but lives in a different local authority?

Eligible children who do not live in Walsall will be able to access the activity programme in their home local authority.

Please contact your local council to find out what they can offer. 

Where can I find my child’s unique registration code?

You should have received a postcard (like the one pictured below) in the post. Your child’s unique registration code is printed under the 'How to book' heading. You'll need this code to to access the programme.

If you haven’t received a postcard but think your child is eligible, email 

You'll need to tell us your child’s name and their date of birth, then we can give you a code.

a guide to your child's unique code

Why do I need to register for the programme?

We use a central registration process to make it easier for you to book your child onto activities. This means you only have to provide your information once.

We will share this information with the activity providers. This is so they know who will be attending their sessions, and can make sure they meet your child’s needs. They will also be able to contact you with information about the activity.

We will only use your child’s personal information in relation to the delivery and evaluation of the holiday activity programme.

When will I be able to book my child onto activities?

We will send the activity programme to you on 19 March 2021. You can book online from Monday 22 March 2021. 

You will be able to book your child on as many activities as you want (subject to availability) and select your food box.

Face-to-face activities will only be available to children who have no access to the internet. Our holiday activities team will deliver these activities. If you would like to discuss our face-to-face provision, contact the helpline on 01922 653899 or email 

All activities will be delivered throughout the Easter holiday from Tuesday 6 April until Friday 16 April 2021.

What will happen with the information I provide about my child?

We are allowed to hold information about children and families as part of our duty to support families under the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.

The law says we must:

  • only hold information that we need for the delivery of the programme
  • only use the information for that reason
  • make sure the information we hold is accurate
  • keep the information only for as long as it is needed
  • make sure we only use the information lawfully and not breach your rights as the owner of this information
  • keep the information secure at all times

We need to share your child's information with the provider of any activities that your child takes part in. This is to make sure that the provider can effectively deliver their activities.

Once you have registered your child we will only share your child’s personal information with the providers who deliver the activity and holiday programme, and only for the purpose of delivering the programme.

What do I do if I have lost my child’s unique registration code?

If you have lost your postcard, email 

You'll need to tell us your child’s name and their date of birth, then we can give you a code.

What if I think my child is eligible but I have not received information about the programme or a registration form?

If you haven’t received a postcard or any further information about the programme, but think your child is eligible, email 

You'll need to tell us your child’s name and their date of birth, then we can give you a code.

Other questions or need help?

Email your questions to or ring our holiday activities helpline on 01922 653899.

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