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Do you want to become a HAF provider?

We work with over 75 providers to deliver the HAF programme to eligible children and young people in Walsall.

To find out more about the HAF programme visit the Department for Education's (DfE) HAF website.

Becoming a HAF provider

If you wish to become a provider for Walsall Council or know more about how we support our providers, please email

We welcome applications which are a partnership between providers.

If you cannot deliver the full model but think you could add value, we can explore how you could help the HAF offer. We may also put you in touch with another provider to develop a partnership bid.


Funding is paid as a grant: 80% before the start of the programme and 20% on completion of the programme.

The 20% is paid after delivery on receipt of attendance, evaluation and confirmation of spending.

Do I have to deliver activities only to eligible children?

No, your provision can be open to all children. We encourage providers to deliver to a range of children to ensure inclusivity and non-stigmatising.

The funding will only be available to the eligible cohort. Other children can access the provision by paying, or if you secure funding from other sources.

Our expectations

As part of the HAF requirements we have expectations for all providers to ensure effective delivery of the programme. If we do not see evidence for this, we will be unable to pay the final 20% of the funding.

We expect you to:

  • have contact with us through the programme. Reporting on progress, changes, issues, evidence of how your programme is going
  • send a return of attendance / evaluation after the end of the programme
  • submit a finance form of your costings after the end of the programme
  • be proactive in promoting your HAF programme. This may include liaising with local schools and community venues
  • have contact with the child who has booked on with confirmation/practical arrangements for activities, or to clarify any information about their needs

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