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Vary a premises licence

If you already have a premises licence, you can apply to vary certain licence details.

Full variation

If your changes impact the licensing objectives, you should apply for a full variation.

You'll also need a full variation if you want to:

  • make variations to add the sale or supply of alcohol to the licence
  • extend licensing hours for the sale/supply of alcohol between the hours of 11pm and 7am
  • increase the amount of time during which alcohol can be sold/supplied on the premises

Minor variation

You may apply for a minor variation to make small changes to your club premises certificate. These changes must have no adverse impact on the licensing objectives. For example:

  • minor changes to the structure or layout of the premises
  • small adjustments to licensing hours
  • removing out of date, irrelevant or unenforceable conditions or addition of volunteered conditions
  • adding certain licensable activities

How to apply

  1. Download the application form

    Download the application form that is relevant to your change.

    Download list

  2. Fill in the application form

    You can fill in your application form online. To edit the form you'll need a recent version of Adobe Reader

    Open the form using Adobe Reader instead of your web browser.

    You can edit it in your own time and save it to your device. When you’re ready, you can continue to the online submission (step 3).

    Alternatively, you can print the form and fill it in. Then you’ll need to scan it and save it to your device so you can attach it to your application.​​​​

  3. Send us your documents and make a payment

    Make sure you’ve saved your completed form to your device before you start the online application.

    You should have your debit or credit card ready as we will take your payment as part of the online application process.

    Full variation

    The full variation fee will depend on the non-domestic rateable value of the premises.

    Check the cost of a full variation

    Minor variation

    A minor variation costs £89.00

  4. Advertise your application

    You must advertise a notice of your application as part of the process. Find out what you need to do.

What happens next

We will acknowledge receipt of your application within one working day. We will then process your application and tell you the outcome within 28 days, providing there are no representations. You can view our current applications for premises licence variations.

If you do not supply the correct information, documents or fee, your application will be rejected.

What happens if the details on my licence are out of date?

We may take action against you if you don't have a licence, or if the details on your licence are wrong.