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Get a new or replacement bin

You may need to buy a new bin if:

  • your bin is damaged beyond repair (it is cracked or has a hole in it)
  • your bin has been stolen or gone missing
  • you have moved into the property and do not have any bins

If the damage is only to the lid or wheels of your bin, you can request a bin repair instead. This is free of charge.


There is a charge for this service, unless:

  • your bin only has a damaged lid or wheels that we are able to repair
  • the bin is reported as damaged by our operatives
  • it is the first bin allocated as part of any service change - we will tell you when we change our service
  • the bin is being exchanged for a bigger bin because you qualify as a larger family
Item (all types and sizes) Price
1 new or replacement bin £39.60
2 new or replacement bins £58.59
3 new or replacement bins £78.12

Bin sizes

We will send you a standard sized bin, unless you have already qualified for a bigger bin and need to replace it. There’s a separate application process if you think you may qualify for a bigger bin.

How to buy your new bin

You must have an online MyAccount to buy a new or replacement bin.

Any data collected as part of the application will be used in accordance with data protection law and the UK GDPR. Find out more about how we process your data.If you're unable to complete the online form, you can:

New builds

It can take up to six weeks for new houses to appear on our system. If your address is not available when you log in, you'll be able to submit your details. We'll then update our records.

What happens next

If you have an old bin, leave it at the front of your property and we'll collect it. We'll get your new bin to you on the date you book.

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