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Register new street names and property numbers

Walsall Council is the street naming and numbering authority for the local area. Royal Mail will allocate postcodes.

You will need to apply:

  • at least three months before works start for single properties or small developments
  • as soon as you have planning approval for large estates - at least four months before works start


New developments
Minimum charge (single plot) £145.00
Price per additional plot £35.00
Service charges
Changes to development after notification (per plot) £52.50
Road naming / road renaming (per road) £145.00
Confirmation of postal address to solicitor In line with Markinson decision (currently £60.00)
Property renumbering (per property) £139.65
Plot changes after numbering has been issued (per property) £80.00 (£60.00 residents' compensation + £20.00 administration cost)

Send your completed form back to us. You can do this by email or by post to the address on the form.

New road names

You may suggest road names, as long as they:

  • are not named after any person, living or deceased
  • are not the same as (or similar to) any existing names in the area
  • are not awkward or difficult to spell

Names with a link to the history or geography of the area are preferred.

We will consult Royal Mail, the fire service and local Land and Property Gazetteer custodian before making a decision. We will choose alternatives if your names are not suitable.

How long it takes

This depends on how complex the site is, and if we need to carry out a consultation.

We can usually process simple changes of addresses or requests for new addresses in 5 to 6 weeks.

Major development/redevelopment sites can take longer because we often have to wait for new street names to be approved. There may also be objections to a part of the proposal.

Next steps

We will acknowledge your application when we receive it. We'll let you know roughly how long it will take for us to complete the process.

We will inform the statutory authorities. This includes the emergency services, Ordnance Survey and relevant council services.

We will then send you an official plan. You should keep a copy with each property's title deeds.

Numbers and nameplates

The installation and procurement of street nameplates is the responsibility of the developer and must be to Walsall Council’s specification, which will be provided with the official numbering plan.