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Roadside memorials

Placing flowers or other tributes at the site of a fatal road traffic collision can be a source of comfort to people who are grieving. We want to make sure families and friends who visit the site are safe, and that the memorials don’t distract drivers.


Please consider your own safety, and that of other visitors. Place your tributes away from locations that are dangerous to access and make sure you don't block any paths or roads.  If an item is dangerous, we will remove it. We will tell the Police Family Liaison Officer so that they can inform the family.

If a site affects specific properties or Council owned land, we will listen to local people before deciding the best location for your tribute.

Temporary memorials

You are welcome to place floral or other tributes at the site of a fatality for up to thirty days. We will then take down the memorial. We aim to talk to your Police Family Liaison Officer before we remove it, so that you have time to take any personal mementoes. We will keep non-floral items at our depot for four weeks after removal. If they are not collected within that time, we will dispose of them.

Permanent memorials

We do not allow permanent or anniversary memorials.


We visit roadside memorials regularly to make sure they are safe. If you are concerned, you can contact the clean and green team, and we will look into it. It may be possible for us to reduce or relocate a memorial, if that is appropriate.

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