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Memorial trees and benches

The memorial scheme allows you to pay tribute to a person in our parks and green spaces. You can have a tree planted, or you can sponsor and dedicate a bench with a plaque. We will support you throughout the process.

How much it costs

Item Current fee Fee from 1 April 2024
Memorial tree £390.00 £417.00
Commemorative bench - new (including plaque) £1,685.00 £1,803.00
Commemorative bench - renovation (including plaque) £600.00 minimum £600.00 minimum
Memorial Woodland £450.00 £482.00

If you choose a memorial tree, the cost includes:

  • a tree that's approximately 2 metres high with a stem girth of between 14-16 cm
  • ground preparation and planting
  • aftercare - we will take full ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the tree in line with good arboricultural practices and council policy

Due to large numbers of existing trees with plaques, we do not allow plaques on new trees.

If you choose a commemorative bench, the cost includes:

  • the bench
  • a memorial plaque with your inscription
  • ground preparation and installation
  • aftercare - we will take full ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the bench in line with council policy

Location of the memorial

When you apply, you can let us know where you would like the memorial to be located. We always try to meet requests, though sometimes we may have to offer a slightly different location.

How to apply

Download the relevant application form, complete it, and send it back to us by email.

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What happens next

We will contact you to chat about the location of the memorial. We'll also discuss options, payments and installation timescales.  

When we have agreed the details of the memorial with you, we will take a debit card payment from you over the phone.

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