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Local History Centre Photographs

The Photographic Collections
Walsall Local History Centre holds substantial collections of local photographs both in Local Studies and Archive collections (almost 12,000 prints in the former, and around 20,000 images (largely in negative or transparency formats, many glass) in the latter) dating from the early 1860s to the present day.
The vast majority of photographs in these collections are in black and white, though some are in colour, or are colourised (usually postcards).
The Centre also holds the
Jack Haddock Collection
, which comprises more than 5,000 prints and colour transparencies, largely relating to local rail, canal and bus transport.  There are also a number of other individual photographers' collections, most notably those of local historians Billy Meikle and Douglas Gilbert, as well as those of Clifford Morris FRPS and the Centre's former photographer, Stuart Williams.
Preservation and acces
It is an important aspect of the Centre's work to preserve, collect and make available wherever possible the visual heritage of the Borough, and the entire local studies photograph collection is available for viewing at the Centre on request. It is listed and indexed, and these finding aids plus a collection of bound photocopies of the collection are available for consultation in our Research Room. Many photographs within archive collections are also available through a separate index.
Once selected, original images may be examined in that room, with the exception of negatives and original transparencies, which are not usually made available due to preservation concerns.
Photographing of images from the Centre's photographic collections by members of the public is not permitted.
Photographs online
About a quarter of our local studies photo collection (around 3000 images) is available to view online in web resolution, on our searchable
Walsall - A Click in Time
website.  This site also includes more than 800 of Jack Haddock's (mainly railway) photos, also in low resolution.  See:
These pictures are intended as previews, for personal or local school interest only.  They may be printed off for such use ONLY.  They are not provided for any other use.
Obtaining good quality copies
It is not possible to photocopy original images, and we do not loan out photographs, due to preservation concerns, but it is possible, subject to copyright, to order black and white or colour prints of originals at various prices and sizes, from images on the
Walsall - A Click in Time
website (see above).  This is done through the website only, and that service is operated by an external company on behalf of Walsall Local History Centre.  The Centre is not directly involved in the ordering process and any enquiries about such orders should be made through contact details on the site.
Commercial use
Please note that prints provided via
Walsall - A Click in Time
are NOT provided for commercial use or reproduction, they are for personal use only.
Changes to the service
There is currently no photographic service available other than that provided by
Walsall - A Click in Time
, due to recent budget reductions and resulting staff changes, though we are looking at more limited alternatives to what has previously been possible.  If you need anything other than a print via
Walsall - A Click In Time
, please email Stuart Williams on stuart.williams@walsall.gov.uk to discuss what may be possible.
Incoming donations, loans and copying
The Centre's photographic collections have been acquired over many decades, largely through a process of donation or the copying of original images loaned to us, and this process continues today. Such copying is done entirely on-site, under secure conditions.
Walsall Local History Centre welcomes the donation of original photographs as well as the loan for copying of photographs of local and historical interest which have been taken within Walsall Metropolitan Borough . Such photographs will then, in due course, be made available for the public to view on request at the Centre.
If you have any locally relevant photographs, we'd be glad to hear from you!
Please contact us by telephone on 01922 652212 or by email to: localhistorycentre@walsall.gov.uk