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Listed buildings

What is a listed building?
A Listed Building is a building that is recognised as being of special national architectural or historic interest. Each Planning Authority has a list of the Listed Buildings in their areas, this List being compiled by the Secretary of State for the Department of Culture Media and Sport. There are currently three grades of Listing (I, II*, II), but this is at present under review.
Where can I see this list?
How many listed buildings are there in the borough?
Walsall currently has 155 Listed Buildings within the borough. Of which, 149 are grade II, and 6 are Grade II*.
What is the law, and how does it affect me?
The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 requires that the owners of Listed Buildings take proper steps to preserve these buildings, and Listed Building Consent must be obtained for any demolition, or alterations that materially affect the special character of the buildings. These applications should be made to the Local Planning Authority; however, these may be referred to the Secretary of State. This does not waiver the need for Planning Permission, when required, and Permitted Developments rights are withdrawn for Listed Buildings. If you are intending on carrying out any works to a Listed Building, please contact us to ensure that no unauthorised works are carried out.
It is a criminal offence to carry out unauthorised works to a Listed Building. We will take enforcement action where unauthorised works have taken place on a Listed Building.
Application forms
If you wish to apply for listed building consent or for Conservation Area consent you may do so by printing the required form below completing it and returning to the address stated.
Alternatively, you may submit applications online. For more information please read 'Online submissions' below.
Please read the below guidance notes before completing:
An application pack will be posted directly to you if you contact us.
Online submissions
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