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Help for people with dementia living at home

Our Home Care Service can help if you:

  • are struggling to cope with dementia
  • care for someone with dementia

It is a specialist service that uses 'person centred support'. This puts people with dementia and their carers at the heart of their treatment plans.

We encourage people with dementia to make decisions about what kind of care they would like to receive. The service is collaborative, empathetic and helps people to live independently for longer.

The Home Care Service:

  • offers flexible care that's built around the service user's changing needs
  • helps manage discharge from hospital and aftercare for people with moderate/severe dementia
  • limits the number of care staff looking after the service user, so they feel safe and supported


You or your loved one needs to meet the social care Fair Access to Services' (FACs) criteria to access home care. This means the service user needs to be:

  • (usually) over the age of 65
  • assessed as having high or medium dependency needs
  • living alone
  • at risk because of behaviour, functional problems, abuse, neglect or self-harm

You can also qualify if your care or living arrangements:

  • have been disrupted or stopped
  • need a lot of monitoring and coordination
  • make it hard for your carer to contact you

Apply for home care

You can apply by contacting the Home Care Service.

Paying for home care

There is a charge for this service. We pay for some of the costs, and we'll talk you through the rest.

Find more information about paying for care and applying for financial support.

Getting out and about

Socialising and being part of the community has a positive impact on the lives of people with dementia. This is why we host events and outings, like day care, discos and exercise classes. Find local day care events and dementia cafes near you.

Black Country Partnership NHS Trust

Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust offers support to people with dementia. You should get in touch with your GP to learn more.

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