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Carers Assessments

What is a Care and Support Assessment?
The Care Act 2014 is a new law that requires all councils to carry out assessments for people that:
Appear to have care and support needs
Are caring for someone with care and support needs
Already have help from the council but think their needs have changed
An assessment should be tailored to the person’s circumstances and only gather information that is necessary to identify a person’s needs.   
There are different ways to carryout assessments, see examples below:
A joint assessment - this is when different services work together to avoid the person having to repeat themselves or have lots of different assessments.
A face to face assessment - this is when a date, time and place is agreed for a meeting to carry out an assessment.
Supported self assessment – this is when someone that needs support completes an assessment by themselves, or with assistance, and then sends it to the council to confirm.    
The new law means that councils have to:
Carry out an assessment of anyone who appears to require care and support, regardless of whether they may have to pay towards the care they receive.
Carry out an assessment for someone that cares for another adult, the cared for adult does not have to be in receipt of or eligible for public funded (social care services).
Focus on a person’s needs, wellbeing, and the outcomes that person wants to achieve.  
Involve the person in the assessment and anybody else that person wants to include.
Provide access to/signpost independent advocates to support the person’s involvement in the assessment if required
Consider other things besides care services that can contribute to the outcomes that person wants to achieve, for example access to local community groups, equipment that will help them in their everyday lives  
Use the new national guidance to judge if a person is eligible for publicly funded care and support
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