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If you have a health condition or disability, finding a clean and accessible toilet can be a challenge.

Such facilities are often kept locked. Under RADAR’s scheme, special locks are installed on public disabled toilet doors to give disabled people priority access.

Local authorities have adopted the scheme and ‘RADAR toilets’ can now be found in locations such as:

  • shopping centres
  • pubs
  • stores
  • bus and train stations

How do I get a RADAR key?

You can buy a RADAR key from the Disability Rights website.

What if I need to use a toilet quickly?

If you have a medical condition and need to use a toilet quickly, the Just Can't Wait card may be useful. Although this does not guarantee access to a toilet, most places will be willing to help when shown one of these cards. You can find details at the organisation's website:

Just Can't Wait Card

Visit the Bladder and Bowel Foundation website

Can't wait card

Visit the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Network website.

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