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Contracts register

These documents detail contracts with a value greater than £5000 currently held by the Council.
The contract information tab gives the:
Supplier name
Supplier address
Post code
Telephone number
Email address
Contract name
Contract reference
Contract description
Contract value
Contract start
Initial contract end date
Final contract end date
Further details of how the Council spends its money can be found on our Open Data pages at
Further developments
The Council is developing a Contract Management system that will allow the Contracts Register to be presented in a more usable format which is expected to be ready by the Autumn.
The Council wishes to ensure that it publishes details of its contracts in line with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 and as such wishes to make suppliers aware of these clauses which will be incorporated into all the Council’s Conditions of Contract:  
a. The Parties acknowledge that, except for any information which is exempt from disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the FOIA (“the Act”) the text of this Agreement, and any Schedules to this Agreement, is not Confidential Information. The Authority shall be responsible for determining in its absolute discretion whether any part of the Agreement or its Schedules is exempt from disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the Act
b. Notwithstanding any other term of this Agreement, the Contractor hereby gives its consent for the Authority to publish this Agreement and its Schedules in its entirety, including from time to time agreed changes to the Agreement, to the general public in whatever form the Authority decides.