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School Attendance

School truancy is when a pupil fails to attend school and does not have permission to be absent.  
It is important that all children attend school on a regular basis, if not it may hinder their educational and social development and limit their future career choices.   
Parents have a legal duty to ensure their child attends school, failure to do so could lead to a hefty fine or even a prison sentence.
Parents can help prevent truancy by taking an active interest in their child’s schooling.
If you discover your child is not attending school, try and establish the reason for this, meet with their head teacher who will work with you and your child to resolve any problems or issues surrounding their truancy.
It is important that parents do not encourage truancy by allowing the child to be absent from school particularly for such reasons as to go shopping or for a birthday treat.   
Head teachers should not grant any leave of absence during term time for any purposes unless there are exceptional circumstances.
Also, when making any medical/ dental appointments, try and keep these to out of school hours wherever possible to avoid disruption to the school day for your child and the others in the class.
If there is a genuine reason why your child cannot attend school, for example due to illness, telephone the school as early as possible to let them know of the situation.  
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