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Tell Us Once

Our free Tell Us once service can signpost you with informing those local and central government departments that need to be notified of a change in circumstances. When you have completed your registration appointment, you will be given a reference number which will enable you to use the Tell Us Once service.  This ill reduce the amount of time you will need to spend contacting government departments individually.


The Tell Us Once Service can notify:

Local Councils

•Housing Benefit Office

•Council Tax Payments and Benefits Office

•Council Housing


•Blue Badges – please bring the blue badge with you if available

•Adult Social Care

•Children’s Services

•Collection of payments for Council Services

•Electoral Services

•Department for Work and Pensions

•Child Benefit

•Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit

HM Passport Office

•Passport cancellation

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

•Driving Licence cancellation


You will need to bring the following

For deaths

Once you officially register the death, the Registrar will give you the contact details and provide you with a reference number to use online or by telephone.

To use Tell Us Once, you will need...

•deceased’s National Insurance Number

•deceased’s surviving spouse or civil partner’s National Insurance number OR next of kin’s National Insurance number.

•next of kin’s name, address and telephone number.

•information about any benefits and services the deceased may have been receiving (e.g. income support, library card, state pension, housing benefit etc).

•name and address of the person dealing with the deceased’s estate (if different)

•driving Licence or Driver Number if licence not available

•passport or passport number if passport not available

•blue badge (if held)