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Swim Academy children's swimming lessons

Our centres offer swimming lessons for children, toddlers and babies, following the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) syllabus. Our qualified instructors work with groups to build confidence in the water and perfect technique.

Group lessons run all year round, except on bank holidays and two weeks during Christmas. Your child can stay in a group as long as they need to, or move up a stage whenever they're ready.

Every child who is enrolled in a course of swimming lessons has free access to public sessions.

Individual 30-minute lessons are also available.

How much it costs

Activity Price
Group lessons £24.50 per month (Direct Debit only)
Individual lesson £17.00 per lesson

How to book

You can complete our call back form or email us. We'll get back to you with availability.

Find out more about group lessons

Swim Academy runs classes to suit all ages and abilities.

Class Description
Starfish Introducing babies from birth into the pool in an adult and child setting. Developing water confidence, basic swimming and safety skills through fun and games and songs.
3 to 4 years
Learners develop basic swimming strokes and water skills. Classes are fun, engaging and help develop water confidence.
5 to 8 years
Essential movement and swimming skills are developed alongside water safety. Working towards the removal of aids and swimming 5 metres.
Stanley 5 For children who can swim 5 metres on their front and back without floatation aids. Strokes are developed further, working towards 5 metres.
Stanley Stars All strokes are developed to include breathing techniques and other aquatic strokes are introduced. Working towards 10 metres.
Goldfish All strokes and breathing techniques are fine tuned as children work towards 15 metres.
Angelfish Working towards 25 metres further refining stroke technique and skills such as sculling. Entries into water are performed and developed.
Shark Developing finer stroke technique alongside personal survival and water safety skills. Working towards 50 metres, 100 metres and 200 metres. Introducing basic rescue skills to create a fully competent swimmer.
Advanced Swimmer Comprising four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Working through the series the learner will perfect their swimming technique and develop rescue skills.
Junior Lifeguard Academy Learning a range of lifesaving skills and practices using swimming, reaching and throwing rescues.