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Starting school in Walsall

When should your child start school?

Children reach compulsory school age on the first day of the term after their fifth birthday.

Your child can start school in the September term (before their fifth birthday), or in the first term after their fifth birthday (deferred start).

If you defer their start date, the school will hold their place.  It will not be offered to another child. 

Parents/carers that want to defer must write to the school.  The letter should include the date you wish your child to start in a reception class.  You will still need to complete the online application form before the deadline.

Having a place in the nursery class attached to a school does not guarantee a place in the reception class at that school.  You must send a separate application for a place in the reception class.

Deferred admission for summer born children

Children born between 1 April and 31 August are classed as ‘summer born’.  They do not need to start school until a full year later than other children in their age range, and can start school at the beginning of Year 1.

If you want your summer born child to be admitted to a reception class, rather than go straight to Year 1, you can ask for admission out of their normal age group. The admission authority will make this decision in the best interests of the child.

Deferred admission to reception in a community or voluntary controlled primary school

 You will need to show that deferred admission to reception would be in your child’s best interests.  Write to us, and explain why.  You should include supporting medical evidence, or evidence from your child’s current head teacher. 

Deferred admission to reception in a voluntary aided school, foundation school or in an academy

You will need to apply directly to your preferred school.  You will also need to write to the local authority, and complete a local authority application.