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Travel assistance for students over 16

After the end of year 11 you are not entitled to travel assistance. It’s now your responsibility to get to school or college. There are a few exceptions.

Discounts for students aged 16 to 18

If you’re a student aged between 16 and 18 at the start of the academic year (1 September), and living within the West Midlands metropolitan area, you can get discounted travel tickets. You can find details of your options in section 3 of the post-16 travel policy.

Post-16 students eligible for travel assistance

Schools and colleges offer bursaries for students from low-income families. Contact them directly to see what support they can give you.

Students with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)

If you are, or a person you care for is, a student with SEND you will need to make your own transport arrangements. If you cannot do this, we may be able to assist. You will need to pay towards the cost of this.

You can apply for travel assistance yourself, or your family/carers can apply on your behalf. 

SEND students aged 16-18

You may be able to get transport assistance if you’re a post-16 student with an Educational Health and Care (EHC) plan.

SEND students aged 19-25

You could also receive support if:

  • you’re over 19, and this will help you to make further progress each year
  • you’re a student starting your course after the age of 19

Travel options for eligible students

  • Independent travel training
  • Personal transport budget
  • Travel pass
  • Use of shared transport such as a minibus or, in exceptional circumstances, a taxi, with or without an escort

Contributions to the cost

Whatever travel option you have, whether it is for one term or longer, you’ll need to make a contribution towards the cost of your transport.

This is a fixed rate fee of £300 a year for low-income students, and £600 a year for all other students.  

You can pay your fee all at one time, or in instalments.