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Travel assistance for primary school children

We provide a free bus pass to eligible children for use on public bus services. You must be a resident of Walsall Borough, and we will only provide travel assistance to your nearest suitable school

If you want your child to go to a school further away, it will usually be up to you to get them to school without help from the council.

Full details are in the home to school transport policy.

Eligibility for all children

You can get travel assistance to your nearest suitable school if your child is:

  • up to eight years old and the school is more than two miles away
  • between eight and 11 years old and the school is more than three miles away

We assess each child individually. Your child will not necessarily receive assistance just because their sibling does.

Children in low income families

'Low income' means you’re on the maximum Universal Credit, or your child qualifies for free school meals.

You can get transport assistance to one of your three nearest schools if your child is between eight and 11 years old and the school is between two and six miles away.

How to apply

  1. Download and complete the application form

    Download list

  2. Send us your application form

    Send your completed form back to us by email.

    We will assess your application.

    If you are eligible for a free bus pass, we'll send you your claim code.

  3. Complete your application with NX Travel Assist

    Once you have your claim code, you'll need to complete your application on NX Travel Assist online portal:

When to apply

We need to receive your application before 1 August. If you're successful, you will receive your bus pass in time for the new academic year in September.

You need to apply each year for bus passes. You also need to apply if you change school or educational environment, or move home.