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Role of the council

All 60 elected members act collectively as the council and meet on an eight weekly cycle.  The council’s role is to act as a focus for the authority, to discuss and debate issues of importance to the borough and to determine the authority’s budgetary and policy framework.
The council have a number of important responsibilities, including:-
Appointment of the leader
Appointment of members to the executive
Taking decisions in respect of functions which are not the responsibility of the executive (and which have not been delegated to committees or officers)
Making appointments to council committees and outside bodies
Determining the Members’ Allowances Scheme and the amounts payable
Approving the council’s budget
Approving and adopting strategic plans once they have been considered by the executive and relevant Scrutiny and Performance Panel
Considering any proposed variation to the budgetary and/or policy framework
Adopting the council’s Code of Conduct for members
In adopting each of the above, the council can authorise the executive to make “in year” changes to plans as necessary.
At each meeting of the council the summons will normally include all or some of the following:-
Receipt of petitions
Discussion on, and adoption of, the strategic plans referred to above
Consideration of any reports from Committees
Motions for debate as provided for in the Council Procedure Rules
Questions by members of the public
Questions by members