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Street lighting conversion to LED

We have started work to convert around 23,000 street lights to low energy LED lighting. The project will take around 2 years. It will reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by around 70%. 

Benefits of LED street lighting

LED is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. It concentrates the light down towards the road and pavement, where it's needed. This means there will be less light pollution in homes and gardens.

LED street lighting is also:

  • longer lasting
  • less likely to become faulty
  • much more energy efficient
  • programmeable - this means we can dim the lights if we need to
  • as safe as natural or other artificial light if you're exposed to it

What to expect when we make the changes

Each light will take 15 to 30 minutes to change. The team will work during normal working hours. They’ll use a cherry picker to access the lights, so there won’t be much noise. The work will not impact access or the electricity supply.

When we’re working on a main road, we may need close a lane to carry out the work. If we do, we’ll put up signs on the roads.

Impact on your property

In the past, some lights had shields to protect nearby properties from light glare. As LEDs direct light downwards, the shields are no longer needed so we will remove them. If you do experience any problems three months after the change to LED, please contact the team at Amey by email.

Street lighting is only intended to light the public highway, not drives or gardens. If you rely them to light your property, you may find that you need to make some changes. This will be your responsibility.

When the work will take place

We can't give an exact date when we will change the lights in your road, but you can check which month we'll be working there by using the map below.

Use the + and - symbols to zoom in and out, or select the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and start typing your road name or postcode. Select a nearby lamp (marked as a circle on the map), to find out when we'll be working in the area.

Map of Street lighting conversion to LED status

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