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Claim an unrecorded PROW

You can claim an unrecorded public right of way (PROW) by applying to modify the definitive map and statement. 

How to apply for a definitive map modification order (DMMO)

We will talk you through the procedure and discuss making an application. You'll need to:

  • provide your details
  • sign a statement of truth
  • provide a map to identify the route

You'll also need to tell us:

  • how the route is used (for example on foot, on horseback, by vehicles)
  • where the route starts and ends
  • for how long you have used the route
  • if you’ve ever been given permission to use the route, or asked to leave
  • if you have any other proof that indicates public use (for example photographs, guidebooks or letters)

Contact us to discuss making a DMMO application.

The order making authority (OMA) may ask if they can interview you, or if you are prepared to give evidence at a hearing. You can decline.

Register of applications

We are legally required to keep a register of applications. You can download the register below. We update the register within 28 days of receiving an application.

Download list

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