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Future planning policy

Walsall Borough Local Plan

We are beginning to prepare a new plan called the Walsall Borough Local Plan. We have to have a local plan to make sure there are enough homes and jobs for the needs of people living and working in the borough.

The local plan will show where we expect new building to happen and the areas that we will protect for their existing uses. We will use the plan when we determine planning applications. We expect the new plan will replace many of our current planning policy documents.

We will have to prepare the plan under new legislation set out in the Levelling Up and Regeneration Act 2023. The government has not yet provided details of this legislation. This means that the earliest we can begin formal work on the plan will be autumn 2024. Until then, we are beginning to collect information (evidence) to support the plan.

Call for Sites

We have opened a call for sites to consider for the new plan. Go to our Walsall Borough Local Plan site for details.

What happened to the Black Country Plan?

Walsall Council’s Cabinet agreed on 2 November 2022 to end work on the Black Country Plan and to prepare a local plan for Walsall instead. You can find more details in the cabinet report. We are no longer following the local plan timetable in the report or in the local development scheme. We will update this timetable when the government has published new legislation and guidance.

We will continue to use some of the work carried out to date on the Black Country Plan. You can find evidence and consultation details on the Black Country plan website.

The Black Country Authorities consulted on a draft (Regulation 18) BCP in 2021. There was a further consultation on Walsall specific sites in 2022.

For more information, you can view:

View all consultation documents and details

Walsall-specific evidence documents

If you need further information about the Walsall Borough Local Plan, please contact the planning policy team


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