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Listed buildings

Listing allows us to highlight what is significant about a building or site, and helps to make sure that any future changes to it do not result in the loss of its significance.

Each planning authority has a list of the listed buildings in their areas. There are three grades of listing: I, II* and II. There are over 160 listed buildings in Walsall borough. Most of them are Grade II listed. There are also five Grade II* listed buildings. You can find out more on the Historic England website.

Preserving and changing listed buildings

The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 requires that the owners of listed buildings take proper steps to preserve these buildings.

You must get listed building consent for anything that affects the special character of the building. There is guidance from Historic England about what requires listed building consent.

You will still need to apply for planning permission, when required. Permitted developments rights do not apply to listed buildings.

It is a criminal offence to carry out unauthorised works to a listed building. We will take enforcement action where unauthorised works have taken place on a listed building.

Apply for listed building consent

You can apply online for listed building consent.

You can find more guidance on planning permission for listed buildings on the Planning Portal website.

Development schemes

We would encourage anyone who is considering a development that impacts on a listed building to engage with the pre-application process.

You can review Local Plan policies that are relevant to listed buildings.

Contact us

If you plan to carry out any works to a listed building, please contact us to make sure no unauthorised works are carried out.

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