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Nominating an asset

We help communities keep local amenities and building that are important to them, such as a village shop or local pub.

In line with the Localism Act 2011, local community interest groups can nominate buildings and land as assets of community value. We manage the nomination process and list all local assets of community value.

Assets of community value list

Download the list of assets that have been successfully nominated as assets of community value.

Download list

What it means if an asset is listed

When an asset is included in the list of assets of community value, the owner has to give extra notice if they sell the asset in the future. This is to allow time for community interest groups to prepare a proposal and raise funds to make an offer. The sale is under normal market conditions and the owner is under no obligation to sell to a community interest group.

Assets stay on the list for five years.

Who can nominate an asset

Community interest groups can nominate an asset for inclusion in the list of assets of community value. Your group will need to demonstrate that you have a local connection, through activities concerned with the local area or a neighbouring local authority area.

Groups that can submit a nomination include:

  • parish councils
  • charities
  • community interest companies

You can find a full list of groups eligible to nominate in the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012.

Assets eligible for listing

You can nominate land or buildings that your group considers to offer community value. This is defined as being beneficial to the social wellbeing or social, cultural, recreational or sporting interests of the local community.

Some example of types of building or land that you might want to nominate include:

  • children's centres and nurseries
  • parks and open spaces
  • sports centres
  • cinemas
  • pubs
  • village shops

Some types of building and land cannot be considered as assets of community value. You can find a full list of exemptions and related definitions in the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012.

Nominate an asset of community value

Nominations must be made to the council in writing. We strongly recommend that any group considering the nomination of an asset contacts it to discuss the matter before making a nomination.

You can download the form below, complete it, and send it back to us.

Download list

What happens next

We will let you know we've received your nomination within 3 working days. We will consider your nomination in line with the regulations. We will make our decision about listing an asset within eight weeks of receiving the nomination. We will let you know about our decision and the reasons for it.

We will also let relevant contacts know when we are considering the asset for listing, and when a decision has been made:

  • the town or parish council
  • councillor/s for the ward involved
  • the owner of the asset
  • the holder of the freehold estate and the holder of any leasehold estate
  • any lawful occupant
  • statutory undertakers (such as utility companies)

Get help to make your nomination

You can contact us for help with getting an asset listed.

You can also get information and support from:

How we use the information on your nomination form

We will use the contact details you provide for future correspondence, including:

  • letting you know whether the asset will be listed
  • letting you know that the owner intends to dispose of the asset.

Make sure you let us know if your contact details change during the period of the listing.

Information provided in the nomination form will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act for the purposes of administering the Assets of Community Value procedure. We will store your information securely and destroy it after 6 years.

The information provided will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act, but personal information (names and contact details) will not be released to Freedom of Information requests.

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