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Nominating an asset

How do I nominate an asset for inclusion in the list of assets of community value?

Nominations must be made to the council in writing. The council strongly recommends that any group considering the nomination of an asset contacts it to discuss the matter before making a nomination.

To discuss an asset and to request an application form contact:

Walsall Council

Communities and Partnerships
Community Development
Assets of Community Value
2nd Floor, Civic Centre
Darwall Street

Phone: 01922 653087

Alternatively, download an Assets of Community Value Nomination form

What information will I need to provide?

Nominations will need to include

  • A description of the nominated asset including its proposed boundaries clearly edged in red
  • A statement of all information which the nominator has with regard to the names of current occupiers and the names and current, or last known addresses of all those holding a freehold or leasehold estate in the land
  • Reasons for thinking that the council should conclude that the land is of community value
  • Evidence that the nominator is eligible to make a nomination (in line with requirements set out above)

What kinds of documents should support the nomination?

The more evidence you can send us to support the information in the nomination, the quicker we will be able to reach a decision on whether the asset is eligible for inclusion in the list of assets of community value.

As a minimum, the following should be provided:

(a) Evidence to support that the nominator is eligible to make a nomination (as appropriate to the organisation):

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Companies House return
  • Trust Deed
  • Constitution/Terms of reference
  • Standing Orders
  • Interest Statement for Community Interest Company

(b) Information showing the boundaries of the asset being nominated - for example through one or more of the following:

  • Where the land is registered, an Official Copy of the Land Registry Title Information and plan showing the boundaries marked in red (less than 1 month old).  Provision of Land Registry information is not essential but it may help us to reach a decision on the nomination more quickly. If the area of land being nominated is smaller than that edged red on the Land Registry Title Plan the extent of the nominated land must be clearly marked
  • A written description with ordinance survey location, and explaining where the boundaries lie, the approximate size and location of any building/s on the land and details of any roads boarding the site
  • A drawing or sketch map with boundaries clearly marked in red - websites which might help you in plotting boundaries include:​

(c) Reasons for thinking that the council should conclude that the building/land is of community value, for example:

  • A written statement and supporting evidence to demonstrate that the asset is of community value. This should include evidence that the asset is currently or has previously been of benefit to the community and justification for why it may continue to be so in the future.

Where should the nomination be sent?

Nominations should be submitted to the address above.

How will the nomination be processed?

We will acknowledge receipt of the nomination within 3 working days. Nominations will then be considered in line with the requirements set out in the regulations, including taking all practical steps to notify the following that the asset is being considered for listing:

  • The relevant town or parish council
  • The relevant Councillor/s for the ward involved
  • The owner of the asset
  • Where they are not the owner, the holder of the freehold estate and the holder of any leasehold estate
  • Any lawful occupant
  • Statutory undertakers (such as utility companies)

From the information provided with the nomination we will decide whether the nominated asset should be included in the list within eight weeks of receiving the nomination and will notify the following of our decision and the reasons behind this:

  • The owner of the land
  • The occupier of the land (if not the owner)
  • The nominator
  • Where they are not the owner, the holder of the freehold estate and the holder of any leasehold estate
  • The relevant town or parish council
  • The relevant Walsall Councillor/s  for the area

Where we are unable to notify any of the above, we will try to bring the notice to the person's attention - for example by publishing details on the Walsall Council website.

How will this information be processed?

The nominator's contact details, as provided on the nomination form, will be used for future correspondence, including, in the event that the asset is listed, notice that the owner has advised of an intention to dispose of the asset. It is therefore essential that the nominator ensures that any changes in contact details during the period of the listing are notified to the council via the address above.

Information provided in the nomination form will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act for the purposes of administering the Assets of Community Value procedure. The information will be stored securely by Walsall Council and will be destroyed after 6 years. Name and contact details provided will be shared with the owner of the asset in the event that the nominating organisation subsequently submits an intention to bid. The information provided will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act, but personal information (names and contact details) will not be released to Freedom of Information requests.