Coronavirus: Latest information and advice 

03 April 2020

Are you, or is someone you know, looking after someone else's child?

Do you know what ‘private fostering’ is? Would you know how to recognise it? Would you know who to report it to?

When a parent arranges for their child to live with someone else, such as a distant relative or family friend and they remain there for longer than 28 days, this is called a Private Fostering arrangement.

01 April 2020

Walsall Trading Standards - be vigilant and watch out for the COVID-19 scammers

The current COVID 19 situation has been very fast moving and quickly affected our daily lives in many different ways. Social distancing rules mean we spend most of our time at home, except for when we exercise or shop for essential items. These changes in our daily habits can leave us open to scammers. Either when we are away from the home and shopping, or more vulnerable to the online scammers from our homes and phones.

01 April 2020

Waste collection services during COVD-19 (coronavirus)

During the COVID-19 emergency Walsall Council is working hard to maintain key front line public services and, like many other businesses and service providers, we are facing challenges with self-isolation, government restrictions and impact on our staff.

With this in mind, we are prioritising the collection of grey and green household waste and recycling bins every two weeks. To ensure resources are available to maintain this priority service, garden waste (brown bin) and bulky household item collections have been suspended until further notice, and the Household Waste and Recycling Centres (tips) are closed to the public.

There are more than 116,500 households in the borough, and we are asking for everyone’s support at this difficult time to make services run as smoothly as possible. We all need to work together, adjust our behaviours and help each other in these unprecedented times. 

31 March 2020

Thank you to social care staff

MP Matt Hancock has thanked social care workers for their dedication and support during this incredibly challenging time on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care. In his letter he recognised that social care staff are in the front line, caring for others, while also balancing keeping themselves and their loved ones healthy and supporting their colleagues.

31 March 2020

Community responds in the fight against Coronavirus

There has been an incredible response from individuals and communities in the borough in the fight to beat challenges faced from Coronavirus (COVID-19).


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