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Rented property in need of repair

If your rented property needs repairing, you need to report this to your landlord.

If you are unhappy with your landlord's response you can complain to us. We cannot help you until you make a formal complaint to your landlord first.

  1. Inform your landlord officially

    Before you contact your landlord make sure:

    Inform your landlord, verbally and in writing. You must list the problems that need attention. You can use our disrepair letter template:

    Download list

    Keep a copy of your letter for your records.

  2. Inform your landlord for a second time if no action is taken

    If no action is taken by your landlord within 28 days of your letter, send a second letter. You can use our second disrepair letter template.

    Download list

    Keep a copy of your letter for your records.

    The second letter gives the landlord another 14 days to address the issues.

  3. Contact us if no action is taken

    If you do not hear from your landlord and repair work has not been done, you can report a disrepair of your private rented property.

    We can arrange for an officer to carry out an inspection of the property. If you have not taken steps 1 and 2, we may not:

    • be able to take action
    • inspect the property
    • use our legal powers

Information you need to supply

You will need to provide all the following information when you contact us. Failure to provide these details may delay us in helping you with your complaint:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your phone number and email address
  • number and ages of occupants
  • landlord's name
  • landlord's address
  • landlord's phone number and email address
  • type of benefits, if any, you claim
  • description of the property e.g. number of bedrooms
  • date your tenancy began
  • types of disrepair issues and their location e.g. no running hot water or a water leak in the bathroom

Before you contact us

  • Notify your landlord as soon as you are aware of a problem
  • Give your landlord enough time to make repairs. If your boiler is broken, for example, they may need to order parts to repair it
  • Grant access to your landlord and any tradespeople they use to make repairs
  • Complain to your landlord in writing if they do not make the necessary repairs
  • Don't withhold your rent. You could lose your current tenancy and chances of a future tenancy
  • Don’t wait until after you’ve moved out to complain to us as this means we may not be able to take any action

Contact information

Before contacting us, please check to see if we can answer your question from our online information.

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