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Regaining life skills

Reablement gives you the opportunity and confidence to gain new skills, or regain skills you may have lost. This loss could be due to poor health, disability, impairment, or time in hospital.

The service also assesses you for longer term needs, so that you have support.

How reablement works

Our trained staff work closely with you to build your confidence and life skills.

We do this by supporting you in your own home. This helps to reassure you, and if relevant, your carer, that you can live independently.

We can help you or your loved one with:

  • personal care tasks like washing, dressing or using the toilet
  • domestic skills like preparing food and drink, shopping, using transport or doing laundry
  • making safe transfers like getting in and out of bed, or on and off the toilet
  • organising and planning daily routines

The service is usually limited to 6 weeks. There are regular progress reviews throughout.

If you need access to longer term reablement, this may be possible. Please raise this with our staff, or contact us.

Arrange an assessment

Contact us to arrange an assessment.

Paying for the service

There is a charge for this service. If you're eligible for care services, we will ask you about your finances and base your charge on this.

Find out more about paying for care.

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