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Help for people with learning disabilities

If you or someone you know has a learning disability, we can help.

Learning disabilities and challenging behaviour

Our Behaviour Support Service supports individuals with learning disabilities and complex needs. These services include:

  • training
  • individual sessions
  • specialist behavioural and cognitive assessments
  • therapeutic interventions

Contact our Behaviour Support Service team for more information.

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Leaving school

Our Transition Team supports individuals with learning disabilities when they leave school. We can:

  • help with the change from school to adult life
  • support families and carers
  • make arrangements for any specialist needs
  • work with specialist and community agencies
  • provide a community care assessment and health action plan

You can get help from the age of 16. Children's services pay for your care until the age of 18. If you need support after the age of 20, we will refer you to the appropriate learning disability team.

Contact our Transition Team for more information.

Help for carers

If you're a carer for someone with a learning disability, we can support you. We can:

  • help you with other tasks, so you can focus on being a carer
  • arrange extra support for the person you care for, to give you a break
  • provide short breaks in the person’s home, community or overnight in a care home or adult placement
  • help you plan ahead for when you're no longer able to be a carer

Contact our Adult Social Care Team if you'd like to find out what help you can receive as a carer.

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