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Support for carers

Lots of people are carers and don't realise it. A carer is anyone who regularly spends time providing unpaid care for a person that needs help because of an illness or disability. You don't need to live with the person you look after, or provide care full time to be considered a carer.

You may have taken on the role slowly, supporting someone more as their health or ability to care for themselves lessens over time. You might help with all daily living tasks – for example, supporting with feeding, bathing, dressing, going to the toilet and taking medicines.

Your health and wellbeing is important. The Care Act 2014 ensures that all people who provide necessary care deserve support and are entitled to a carer's assessment. The act sets out how Local Authorities will work with you so that you receive the appropriate help.

Getting a carer's assessment

If you care for someone, you can ask us for a carer's assessment. This is a free service to anyone over the age of 18, to identify your needs and support you in your caring role.

Find out more about carer's assessments

Training for carers

You can access free training courses that can help you better manage with your caring responsibilities.

Confident to Care is a programme of bite sized training courses specifically for carers. We launched it during Carers Week, but it's available to carers regularly throughout the year.

Further support and information

If you are a carer, you might find the following websites useful:

For financial support:

You can also find more information about local and national services on our Walsall Wellbeing Directory pages.

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