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Walsall Council are currently recruiting foster carers to look after local children. Could fostering be the right path for you?

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Foster with Walsall

Help children stay local to their schools, and close to their friends and family

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Mockingbird community

Find out about Mockingbird constellations - extended networks of family support

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New Horizon fostering scheme

Become a New Horizon foster carer for children living in children's homes

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Our foster carers

Find out about other foster carers' stories and their experiences

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Already fostering?

Find out how you can transfer to Walsall if you're already fostering

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Upcoming events

Find out what's coming up

Could you be the future of fostering?

We need foster carers who can keep children and young people safe.

Foster carers perform a very special role within our community. They look after children who, for a variety of reasons, cannot live with their birth families.

Becoming a foster carer with Walsall Council means that you can have a positive impact on a young person's life and support them through often very challenging times.

Could you be the person who makes the difference? Make the first step on your fostering journey and contact us today. 

Information for download

Fostering in Walsall

Have a look below at our playlist of videos detailing the importance of fostering.

Contact information

Before contacting us, please check to see if we can answer your question from our online information.

Write to us:

Walsall Fostering Service, Fallings Heath, Walsall Road, Darlaston, WS10 9SH

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