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Forward plan

The Council is required to publish a plan (the “Forward Plan”) containing details of all key decisions to be made by the Council’s Executive.  The plan is prepared on a monthly basis and contains details of all key decisions likely to be made by the Executive on behalf of the Council during the four month period following its publication.
The Forward Plan sets out decisions that are termed as “key decisions” which the Executive (Cabinet) intend to take over the following 4 months.  Preparation of the Forward Plan helps the Council to programme its work.  The purpose of the Forward Plan is to give plenty of notice and an opportunity for consultation on the issues to be discussed.  The Plan is updated in the middle of each month with the period of the Plan being rolled forward by one month and republished.  The Cabinet are allowed to make urgent decisions which do not appear in the Forward Plan.
Each current Forward Plan and a list of documents referred to therein, if any, may be inspected free of charge, at the offices of the Chief Executive, Civic Centre, Darwall Street, Walsall, during normal office hours on Monday to Friday.  A copy of the Forward Plan is also available on the Council’s Website
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