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Register for HAF 2024

We use a central registration process to make it easier for you to book your child/ren onto activities. This means you only have to provide your information once.

This information is shared with the providers of activities your child books on to. This is so they know who will be attending, can ensure they meet your child’s needs, and communicate with you any key information in relation to the activity.

How to register for the HAF programme

You can register throughout the year.

Before each delivery, we send a letter to your home address with a unique code and information about how to register. If you haven't received a letter or have the wrong code, email us with your child's full name and address, and we can help you.

You only need to register once for the 2024-2025 programme, and you can access your account throughout the year.

Support with registering for HAF 2024-2025

If you need support registering for HAF, we can help! You can see our available centres for support below.

Download list

These centres are located in our local libraries and participating local community partners. Trained staff and volunteers work with you to access council services online. This includes HAF registrations, and help in improving your digital skills.

Our Walsall Connected page has more information to help you find your local centre.

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