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Reporting workplace incidents and dangers

If you are the manager or owner of a workplace, there are certain incidents you must report to the authority for health and safety.

What you need to report

You must immediately report any of the following to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE):

  • the death of an employee or a self-employed person working in your workplace
  • major injuries to an employee or a self-employed person working in your workplace
  • the death of a member of the public as a result of work activity
  • a member of the public being taken directly to the hospital as a result of a work activity causing injury

You have to immediately notify HSE if there is a serious incident. You must complete the RIDDOR process or the relevant HSE form (the F2508) within 10 days for (any of the following):

  • an injury of an employee or a self-employed person working in your workplace which lasts longer than three days
  • a disease caused by work activities, including poisoning, infections and lung diseases
  • the collapse or failure of lifting equipment
  • an explosion, collapse of a pressure vessel or pipework
  • the failure of a freight container
  • equipment coming into contact with power lines
  • an electrical fault causing fire or explosion
  • an accidental release of biological agent
  • the failure of radiological equipment
  • a dangerous occurrence at a pipeline
  • the failure of fairground equipment
  • an explosion or fire causing suspension of normal work for 24 hours
  • the release of flammable gas or liquid exceeding 10kg
  • any significant dangerous occurrence

How to report an incident

You should report any incidents directly to HSE. Find out how to report different incidents.

When to contact Walsall Council

The only time you need to contact us is if:

  • there is an ongoing incident/accident that we are dealing with
  • there has been an incident that may not be serious/reportable, but you want to talk to us about it
  • a major incident, such as a death, which you think we should know about

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