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Blind and Sight Loss

Who decides if I am registerable? Only a consultant ophthalmologist can certify that someone is eligible to be registered. If the condition you have affects both eyes and is not correctable by spectacles, contact lenses, or treatment, you may be certified as eligible to be registered blind or partially sighted.
With your permission, your consultant will complete a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) which is then sent to Walsall Society for the Blind's registration officer. You will be contacted to see if you would like to be registered and advised of the benefits of doing so. Social Services Sensory Team will be notified and you will be offered a full assessment of your needs”
Services for children
The rehabilitation team provides training and/or equipment for visually impaired children, to assist with the development of independence. If you have a query about a child with a vision problem please contact the Sensory Team within Adult Social care.
Rehabilitation Service
The rehabilitation service aims to provide you with the skills required to tackle practical tasks safely and confidently. Rehabilitation services for blind and partially sighted people are based on assessed needs and not time limited to 6 weeks.  Sometimes the use of special equipment is helpful. These practical activities may affect any aspect of your life. Examples of these tasks include:
Managing household tasks
You may have difficulties carrying out practical tasks at home such as pouring a drink, preparing food, managing laundry, cleaning, taking  medication or sewing.
The Rehabilitation Service can assist you with and advise you on solutions to these difficulties. We can help you find different ways of doing things and special equipment to help you. We can also advise on storage, lighting and contrast.
Getting around safely
The rehabilitation service provides training in a range of skills that will help you get about independently, and offer advice on safe methods. This may include how to use a sighted guide, safe road crossings, the use and benefits of mobility aids and using public transport.
Improving communications and access to information
There is a range of equipment to help with handwriting and reading print. We can also show you how to use other methods. The rehabilitation officer may recommend or offer training in the use of signature guides, writing frames, touch typing, use of large print or audiotapes, task lighting, reading by touch-Braille or moon and the use of closed circuit television and other low vision aids.
Some items of specialist equipment may be available for loan, after you have been assessed.  These items of equipment up to a value of £1000 are available free of charge. 
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