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Arranging a funeral

If you're the person responsible for arranging a funeral, you must first register the death with Walsall Register Office.

Arranging a funeral

Although most funerals in the UK are arranged with the help of a funeral director it is possible to arrange a funeral yourself. You could do this for a number of reasons, including cost savings, but it will require more effort on your part.

If you decide to organise a funeral yourself, you will be responsible for, among other things:

  • collecting the body of your loved one from the place of death
  • storage of the deceased until the time of the funeral
  • registering the death
  • deciding whether the service will be at a cemetery, crematorium chapel or other place
  • booking the service venue
  • if required, the appointment of a person to deliver a funeral service
  • arranging the transport of the coffin
  • directing the mourners and arranging the flowers at the cemetery or crematorium
  • if required, organising the wake/reception

There are a number of sources of information about how to arrange a funeral yourself online:


There are a number of fees that must be paid, irrespective of the service you choose to have. Find our full list of fees and charges.

You might be able to get help paying for a funeral if you’re on benefits. Check if you can get help with funeral costs on GOV.UK.

If your loved one had a life insurance policy or funeral plan they may have already arranged and paid for many of the important elements of their funeral with a local funeral director. Please contact your plan provider or the Financial Conduct Authority for more details. 

Burial fee

You'll need to pay for:

  • the fee for purchasing the Exclusive Right of Burial
  • the fee for the preparation of the grave, known as the interment fee

Cremation fees

You'll need to pay for:

  • the doctors fees for completing the relevant medical forms
  • the cremation fee

Booking a funeral

In the event that someone dies:

  1. A doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD)
  2. Family to contact their chosen funeral director (FD) to collect their loved one
  3. Family register the death – see Death Registration (Green Form issued directly to family’s chosen FD)
  4. Family decide whether to have a burial or cremation and inform their FD
  5. FD books a service time / date: for Burial by calling 0300 555 2848, for Cremation by using the dedicated PIN system
  6. FD arranges for all relevant paperwork to be completed by the relevant people; Burial - order for burial and Statutory Declaration; Cremation - Order for Cremation, Crem Form 1 and Crem Form 4
  7. FD submits all relevant paperwork, including Green Form, to Bereavement Services by email
  8. Funeral takes place at the time and date requested with only members of the deceased’s household / close family present.
  9. Post-funeral paperwork, e.g. the Exclusive Right of Burial grant or the Cremation Certificate, will be issued automatically but there may be some delays

Out of hours burials

This procedure also applies to out of hours burials. Out of hours burials can be arranged by calling the Standby Bereavement Officer on 07734 544806 during the following times:

Times to contact the out of hours team

Day Time


8:30am - 12pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays

9am - 10am

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